Church Media & Graphics, Custom Designed with the Church in Mind

Unlimited* custom graphics designed for your church to save time & look awesome!

*Seriously. Unlimited projects, Unlimited revisions, Unlimited users.

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Helping hundreds of churches save time & look awesome.

Get back 10+ hours of your week. Every week.

(Sounds great, doesn’t it?)


✅ Get a whole team of designers for less than the cost of one staff member. 

✅ Stop feeling overwhelmed by your workload.


✅ End the constant hustle. We’ll always meet your deadlines.

✅ Ditch the templates and get custom, from-scratch graphics.


✅ Invest more time designing your ministry instead of designing artwork.

✅ Feel proud of the work you present to your boss or pastor.


Stress-Free Graphics in Three Easy Steps

Step 1

Start your 14-day free trial.

Step 2

We create tons of custom graphics.

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Step 3

You save time and look awesome!

No more “meh” graphics

At Church Media Squad, we know you want to be seen as a creative leader—which means you need jaw-dropping graphics for your events, sermon series, announcement slides, and more. (Week after week after week, right?) 

Here’s the problem: Even if you have the skills to create those graphics yourself, with 1,674,842 other things on your to-do list, you don’t have the time. And if you don’t have the skills? You probably feel overwhelmed—and even a bit helpless.

You deserve to get some hours back in your week so you can stop feeling frustrated, focus on what matters, and look awesome. 

Everyone at Church Media Squad is a former church staff member, so we totally get the unique challenges you face. That’s why we’ve created thousands of custom graphics for more than 300 churches of all sizes, denominations, and styles. Let us take care of yours, too!

Start your free trial today and put us to the test: Request as many custom graphics as you want, with as many revisions as you want, for a full 14 days. 


 OK, so what’s the catch?

No catch… really.

At Church Media Squad, unlimited means unlimited.
You can have as many projects going as you want, and we’ll even toss in the source files. 

Here are some of the unlimited things we can make for you:

✅ Sermon series graphics

✅ Social media graphics

✅ Announcement slides

✅ Instagram stories

✅ Invite cards

✅ Event graphics

✅ Banners

✅ Bulletin covers

✅ Seat-back cards

✅ Posters

✅ Flyers

✅ & more!


 But it’s super expensive, right?

If you’re spending hours creating graphics yourself, how much is your time worth? Are you wasting money on “meh” graphics created from templates by subpar designers? Are you considering bringing on a staff member—and all the associated costs? 

Give us 14 days, and we’ll show you how much time and money we can save you.




After 14 Day FREE Trial

Sermon Graphics
Event Graphics
Social Media Graphics
Announcement Slides
Print Ready Graphics
No Active Request Limits
Dedicated Creative Director
3-4 Day Turnaround Time
Source File Access
No Contracts

100% money back guarantee.

Love your graphics or we give your money back.

Unlimited +Video


After 14 Day, $14 Trial

Everything in UNLIMITED Plus:
One Custom Sermon Bumper
Weekly Custom Social Videos
No Active Request Limits
Dedicated Creative Director
3-4 Day Turnaround Time
Source File Access
No Contracts

100% money back guarantee.

Love your graphics or we give your money back.

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Free PDF Download

5 Ways Church Media Squad Can Help You Save Time and Look Awesome

Here’s the simple truth: You have more important things to worry about than your graphics. (Did we hear an, “Amen”?) Download this free PDF to learn five ways we can help you save time and look awesome.