Meet The Squad


Bennett Tobias

Creative Director

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Bennett is an American designer living and working in Germany.

"Before moving to Germany, I was a Creative Arts Director at a large church near Baltimore, Maryland. I have a B.S. degree from Liberty University, where my passion for all things design and media really began. I am currently serving at Schöne Aussicht, our local church here in Germany as a designer and member of the band."

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Hannah Tedder

Production Designer

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Hannah is a cool dude


Josh Boston


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Josh is a cool dude


Michael Tuszynski

Founder & CEO

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Michael lives in Herriman, Utah. He serves at The Mission Church in South Jordan, Utah.

"I first started working with graphic design back in 2014 out of necessity. The church I was serving at needed help in the area and I thought, 'I could learn to do that!'"


Dustin Harper

Graphic Designer

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Dustin is from Charleston, WV and serves as the Creative Director for New Heights Church.

“I’ve always been involved in the church, but something changed after college. This is when I felt God calling me to assist in planting a church, where I served as the Worship Leader and also where I began learning the ins and outs of graphic design. The passion to see the local body succeed in every way ignited my design journey. After a few years, a lot of learning, and many late nights I landed here at Church Media Squad and I can’t wait to see where this takes me and my family!”


Jo Fischer

Project Manager

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Jo lives with her husband in Branson, MO, where she currently serves at Bloom Church.

"Growing up as a Pastor's Kid, my involvement in ministry started as soon as I could walk! After receiving degrees in both ministry and Electronic Arts, my passion for helping churches grew and ultimately led me to Church Media Squad!"

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Josh Sorenson

Creative Director

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Josh lives in Fort Myers, FL, and volunteers at Next Level Church.

"I grew up in church always known as the tech guy for our kids ministry, even scheduling other volunteers at the age of 9. When I was in middle school I took my first graphic design class at at the local home school co-op. This progressed to me learning more and more throughout high school. In college I remember telling people I wanted to help churches all across America with graphic design. Little did I know less then a decade later God would open the door to do just that at Church Media Squad."


Rodney Truitt

Graphic Designer

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Rodney is a cool dude


Gage Hunt

Graphic Designer

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Gage Hunt is an artist and designer living in New York City. He designs with Church Media Squad alongside running his own studio, Gage Hunt Creative.

"I am deeply passionate about helping the Church share the Gospel through art. Well-articulated theology alone is insufficient for fully revealing the beauty of the Gospel. Its mystery doesn't allow for that. Through art and design, we get to participate in revealing that beauty further."


Jon Carlson

Creative Director

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Jon was Born in PA, moved to CA and now residing in Milwaukee, WI where he currently serves at Brave Church.

"I got involved in design because I did not think the designs that I saw in churches were very good and I firmly believe the Church should be the most creative place and have the best everything, design included."


Kyra Beaty

Graphic Designer

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Kyra is from Edmonton, AB, Canada where she serves with Hope City Church.

"I've been an artist for as long as I can remember and felt the call to ministry when I was in High School. I graduated from Bible College and for a few years served in full time ministry where I was always using my skills to visually compliment whatever role I was filling. This led me to go back to school for Graphic Design and from there I started to grow into the realization that being a graphic designer could very well BE a form of ministry. "

When she's not designing things, Kyra likes hiking, video games, collecting garden gnomes, and spending time with her husband, 2 dogs and 1 cat.


Sean Filsinger

Graphic Designer

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Sean is currently in Metro Detroit, MI, where he serves at Ascend Church.

"What originally brought me to creative ministry was a love for great design. I was just a kid in the youth group and we had a youth leader who was very talented at it. That was my first exposure to design. He was gracious to show me some basics and from there my interest grew. I began doing things for free just for fun and through that I was able to sharpen my skills and eventually gained clients and more experience. I've always had a heart for ministry and preaching so it was super natural to also use my design skills for the kingdom."