How should I title my sermon series?

How should I title a sermon series?

Sermon series provide preachers with a great opportunity to present a seamless message or story arch over the course of a few weeks. If a sermon series is packaged well, your messages will provide a greater level of impact. Package it poorly, and your people will walk away confused.

Putting together a well planned, purposeful message series allows tour church to engage your messages. Too often little thought is given to a series package. Some just do sermon series because "that's what you do."

I believe every series should have a unique purpose and should be crafted around a central theme and "take home" point. Utilizing these steps below will allow you to craft a killer sermon series that engage your congregation and enables them to connect that message with their communities.

Sermon Series Three Liner

Every great sermon series should be capable of three sentence summation. I call this the Three Liner. A three liner captures the underlying purpose of your sermon series.

What does this series take a look at? Topical or a book of the Bible?

What question(s) are you trying to answer?

Who is this series for?

How does the series apply to everyday life?

Your sermon series Three Liner should hit these points concisely and clearly. If you feel like you cannot fully describe the series in three lines then your either too broad or too limited.

Here are some examples of great Three Liners for a sermon series:

Series 1
“God desires for the church to be His hands and feet to the world. But what does “the world” mean for our local church? Together, we’ll discover what God’s has called us to do in our local communities.”

Series 2
“The Apostle Paul noticed something troubling at the Thessalonians church. They were worrying themselves too much on the future rather than how they out to act in the present. Paul’s letter helps us prepare properly for the future without worrying.“

Sermon Series One-Liner

If you are unable to quickly articulate what your messages will be about, it is unlikely your congregation will effectively share those messages when they leave the church building.

Here are some sermon series one-liner examples:

Series 1
“Discover God’s plan for our local church body and how we should interact with our community.”

Series 2
“Living properly in the present, while preparing for our future hope.”


The Title

Now that you’ve created your three liner and one-liner for the series it’s time to start picking out some keywords. What are some repeated words between the three liner and the one-liner? What words from these statements can most accurately describe your upcoming sermon series?

The ideal sermon series title should only be one or two words long with the “don’t cross this line” length of three words.

Shorter titles are much easier to remember (and design).

If your title is shorter, chances are greater for your people to remember what you are teaching on Sunday.

Using our one-liners and three liners above we can easily craft sermon series titles that work great:

Series 1
“Church & Community”

Series 2
“Future Hope”

After You Have a Title

Now that you have the title it’s important to not forget about the look of the sermon series. What can we show people that will evoke this language without using words?

This part can be tricky, but it’s vitally important. It’s easy to ruin a great title with a poorly craft series graphic.

Both your sermon series title AND your sermon series graphics are important for sharing your message.

Check with a designer who can help you create the perfect visual for your sermon series. The image should be memorable, shareable, and well designed.

Don’t have access to a designer? Check out our Unlimited Custom Graphics service for churches at and signup for the free trial. Our team would be more than happy to help create the perfect, custom sermon series graphic for you.